Reasons to have a hair transplant

Is hair transplant worth it?The advancements in hair transplant have made it possible to achieve natural-looking results that were simply not attainable with traditional methods. Hair transplant methods and techniques like the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUE SafeSystem have opened the way for pain-free, minimally invasive, non-scarring and efficient hair transplant surgeries that produce permanent results with extremely short recovery times. Which are the main reasons why men choose to undergo hair loss surgery, and what are the advantages of modern hair transplant surgeries?

Is hair transplant worth it?

Here are our top reasons to have a hair transplant in this day and age:

Permanent results

Before trying hair loss surgery, most men will experiment with hair regrowth products, but unfortunately these have limited effects, and some hair regrowth products simply don’t work or don’t work for everyone in the same way. Hair transplantation, on the other hand, produces permanent results in a short amount of time and with a higher success rate.

Natural look

The key to a successful hair transplant surgery is to achieve a natural-looking hairline design, which was compromised due to hair loss issues or thinning hair top. The technologies involved in the evaluation, planning and the surgery itself make it possible for hair surgeons to place hair grafts in line with a patient’s natural hair growth pattern and to reproduce their former hairline.

Androgenic alopecia

For some men, hair loss is not necessarily a result of aging, but in fact, it’s due to a genetic disorder that runs in the family. Hair transplant surgery can offer a solution even for male pattern baldness, thus, patients who struggle with male pattern baldness at an early age or notice sings of pattern baldness as early as in their late 20s can resort to hair transplant surgery.

Regain self-esteem

Most people who lose their hair, especially if early on in their lives, develop self-esteem problems either because they feel ashamed or because the feel uncomfortable with the way they look. Hair restoration surgery will produce not only a marked physical improvement, but will also have positive effects on the psyche of patients by putting an end to their self-esteem problems caused by their hair loss issues.

No side effects

Hair loss medications can have serious side effects including sexual dysfunctions and prostate cancer. Hair surgery doesn’t involve any side effects and actually produce results, unlike some hair loss products.


Hair restoration surgeries are still not as affordable as some may wish, but the automation of some of the processes involved in hair restoration and the development of more efficient technologies have cut down on prices. Those who live in countries where hair transplant surgery still comes with a high price tag, often decide to travel abroad to undergo hair transplant surgery. Countries like Hungary and Turkey are one of the leading destinations for such procedures.


Once again, technology has made it possible to perform these surgeries in the most minimally invasive way. Implanter pens and special blades that are used in the surgical process produce only minimal scarring that will heal within a short period.

Thanks to the many benefits of getting a hair transplant, more and more men and women undergo this procedure to do away with their hair loss problems, and regain their confidence and self-worth that was diminished by the fear associated with hair loss and thinning hair.