Male pattern baldness

When men start to lose their hair, they usually become very worried. It is no wonder, since usually men are filled with self confidence, and this is true especially when it comes to their apperance – they don’t usually worry about how they look. After they start having a mature or receding hairline, the easily feel bad about it, and thankfully today there are many effective treatments for it – both surgical and non surgical. There are even supplements for these problems. The stages of hair loss are shown in the Norwood Scale chart.

Male pattern baldness: Norwood scale with mature hairline

The surgical treatments for male hair loss are usually hair transplant for men, follicles that are implanted on the parts that you don’t have hair in. They do this by picking up hair lobes from places that you have them a lot, and placing them in to places that you don’t have them in. When it comes male pattern baldness, this usually means the temporal area and the forehead. Sometimes it could also mean the back-top part of your head.

There are natural supplements that are designed for these purposes also, and for that reason I will cover them shortly here. Usually these products are 5-alpha-reductas enzyme inhibitors – this means they prevent some of the male sex hormones from changing in to other forms right inside the hair lobes. The other forms are ones that are going to destroy the follicles. To get help from them you will have to constantly use them for long periods of time, and for best results, even before you start losing hair.

There is another way also, but it requires constant maintenance like the other ones, and it is going to be slightly uncomfortable. There are wigs that are made that are attached to your own hair. They are going to be in place for long periods – two months or less, depending on your hair growth speed. Then you are going back to have it re-attached.

Medication that is used for male pattern baldness, varies from topical creams to tablets. The most common tablet that is prescribed is Propecia, and it is like the supplements an 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, although it works more powerfully. You can get great results even with a very mild dose.