Hair transplant before and after images

Below is a set of real life hair transplantation before and after images for your evaluation. All of the people featured below are well-known public figures that took hair restoration in our Hair Clinic in Budapest. Should you want anything similar please do not hesitate to contact us! FUE2 SafeSystem is by far the best hair transplant method to date – it leaves no scars, it is painless, non-invasive and comes at a low cost when done in Budapest. Results may differ by each individual – these images serve the purpose of giving you an idea of the improvement we can achive. *DISCLAIMER: *Results may vary in individual cases.

You may obtain similar results if you choose HairPalace Hair Clinic in Budapest, Hungary. We are popular among those who want value for their money.

Our hair clinic is the best option if

  • you do not want to travel more than 3 hours
  • you can devote a long weekend for your hair loss surgery
  • need compromise on price, not on quality
  • you want a European quarantee for the hair implanted
  • you need several session / occasions
  • you do not want hidden cost
  • you live near London, Manchester, Bristol

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