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Hair transplant reviewsMedical travel or medical tourism is an industry that facilitates access to medical services for patients from all over the world who are either looking for better services than those available in their country of residence, or are looking for quality services at a more affordable cost compared to the prices practiced by clinics in their countries. In Europe, the trend is to travel to countries in Central or Eastern Europe, where the prices for medical services in the field of dentistry and hair surgery are lower, all the while the quality of the services is comparable or even surpass the quality offered by rival clinics in Western Europe.

In this context, medical travel review sites can prove to be a handy guide in choosing the best hair clinic, dental practice or cosmetic surgery clinic abroad. Which are the major medical travel review sites and what information do they provide?

Here are our top picks for the best medical travel review sites that you can trust:

Treatment Abroad provides reviews about hospitals and clinics from all over the world. This medical travel review site allows you to compare prices in different countries, ask for a quote directly from service providers, read about popular destinations for medical tourism, get information about travelling abroad for treatment, read medical tourism guides, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in hair restoration, dental treatments, cosmetic surgery and many more!

On Medigo you can search for clinics by country and by the needed procedure. You can check the prices practiced by clinics for different procedures, read patient reviews, and discover popular destinations for the medical services you are looking for. An interesting feature of the Medigo medical tourism review site is the Verified Clinic tag, which means that all clinics listed as Verified have been visited by Medigo and checked for international clinical quality standards.

As the name would suggest, RealSelf is about keeping things as real as possible. In this sense, members of RealSelf share their stories about their treatment experiences, share pictures of the procedure, review their doctors, and give insights whether the treatment was worth it or not. RealSelf also brings together a large community of doctors who answer questions raised by RealSelf members.

WhatClinic provides listing for more than 120,000 clinics from more than 135 countries, so you can find and book the best clinics anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking for a treatment in dentistry, cosmetic surgery, fertility or other field, can assist you in making an informed decision. You can easily book an appointment, read reviews about the clinics, and make enquiries regarding prices and treatments.

WebMD is one of the largest and most visited health websites, where you can get timely information on questions pertaining to health and well-being. Although its “Find a doctor” feature is limited to the US only, its reliable physician, hospital and pharmacy directories can help you easily find what you are looking for. On, you can search for a doctor by specialty, condition or procedure.

Medical tourism review sites are helpful tools in finding and vetting private clinics before travelling abroad for a procedure. These sites can provide tips and useful information on available procedures, prices, and tips on how to choose the best clinics.

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