Hair implant surgery

Hair transplant surgery: stop hair loss immediately!We know out of experience that when hearing about surgery, people tend to be quite scared about it. Some hair loss doctors only use surgery as their only treatment option, which is quite wrong, because there can be some other ways to treat mature hairline, thinning hair or hair loss, but since they have so great results with it they seem to be quite fond of it.

Also it is something that they can do, and because the patient has come to their office, they are most likely looking for a surgery, instead of finding a natural cure or something else. Men tend to get a receding hairline or just thinning hair on their forehead and temporal area, which causes them to start thinking about implanting new hair to these areas. This comes at a cost, of course, but the good news is that hair transplant prices have come down significantly.

The most simple form and the best hair implant surgery type, is to harvest hair follicles from the back of your head, where you don’t need them. This will be in the lower neck where they are usually removed when you go to get your hair trimmed. Once the harvesting is done they will start to one by one implanting the hair on the places where you need them.

Before it usually looked like they were implanted – you could see clear straight lines of newly growing hair – but today the techniques have evolved to such a point where it is almost impossible to see the difference between implanted hair and your natural hair. The most visible difference is the thickness of hair – you can’t implant it as densely as your scalp grows it normally.

Even though it is surgery, it is far from cutting your hear wide open and then closing it back again – this is what we usually see in plastic surgery. It is done with micro-equipment and you only get affected in the areas where the follicles are harvested. Although the implanting isn’t actually like hair extensions, you will have to get them under the skin, it is quite well tolerated and the recovery times are quite short.

The end result will be seen in a few months of time and in the best cases there is no need for another implant surgery ever again. This although depends on how the patient decides to take care of their scalp and their body. You should think about correct nutrition and supplementation and your doctor might as well prescribe you with medication to prevent hair loss.

We wouldn’t suggest hair implant surgery before the problem is really visible. If no-one isn’t noticing it, then why spend money on something that you don’t really need. I suggest that you learn about some supplements and a healthy diet and lifestyle, combined with a gentle shampoo and you can prevent further hair loss. If you already have hair loss that you can see and it bothers you, then sure, go get a surgery like this beacuse it will have a great impact on the way you look, but also your self esteem.