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With the newly opened 3rd location in Budapest is now one of the most modern hair clinics in Hungary. Great team of hair specialists, assistants and top-notch technology – all seve one purpose: the satisfied hair transplant patient.

Located in the heart of district 13 in Budapest, HIMG hair clinic opened its newest institute in May 2014, thus, becoming one of the most modern hair transplant clinics in Hungary. The ultra-modern facilities were built in accordance with the most rigorous international standards. Spread across 500 square metres, the HIMG clinic accommodates 3 surgeries and one large operating room. Hair surgeons at HIMG are among the top hair specialists in the country with many years of expertise in the field of hair restoration.

Hair transplant services

HIMG hair clinic provides the following hair transplant services to foreign and domestic patients alike: FUE, FUE Safe System, SHE (Singe Hair Extraction) hair transplant, eyebrow implantation, and hair therapy. At HIMG, hair specialists will examine the situation of each patient, and advise patients whether hair transplant is a suitable option for them.

For patients whose hair loss is not significant or it’s caused by other factors (environmental or lifestyle-related), hair surgeons will conduct examinations to detect the underlying cause, and suggest alternative remedies. For patients with developed balding and major hair loss, hair specialists will advise patients on the best hair transplant method for their particular case.

In 2013, the HIMG clinic won the Product of the Year Award in the healthcare category for the SHE hair transplant method and the SHE hair implant needle. The SHE method developed by the HIMG clinic in Budapest is an upgraded version of the FUE method, involving the use of an implant needle that is extremely small in size, thus, leaving fewer traces and leads to a more rapid healing process.

Thanks to its popularity in Hungary, several Hungarian actors and celebrities have undergone hair restoration surgeries at the HIMG hair clinic.

Locations in Hungary

HIMG has three hair clinics in Hungary located in Budapest, Szeged, and Miskolc. Hair implant surgeries are performed only at HIMG Budapest.

Types and prices of hair replacement

Prices for hair transplant practiced by the HIMG hair clinic are different depending on the hair transplant method (FUE, FUE Safe System, SHE), and range between EUR500-EUR900 per 1000 hairs. You can get a free quote online by sending 3 pictures of you to the staff at HIMG hair clinic. The pictures should be taken from the front, top and back side of your head so you can get an accurate quote.

At HIMG, you will receive a written life-time guarantee that the implanted hairs will start growing and will stay in place following the hair transplant surgery. HIMG hair clinic also provides correctional surgeries in cases when hair transplants were not performed well by other hair clinics. Guarantee is provided even for correctional surgeries.

HIMG welcomes customers from all over Europe thanks to the clinic’s excellent and innovative services. Whether you need an investigation into the causes of your hair loss or you need a hair transplant procedure, this hair clinic provides comprehensive hair restoration services at affordable prices.

Given that Budapest is easily reachable from every European country, you can fly to Budapest and get your hair problems fixed by the 5-star hair specialist at HIMG Budapest.

To get more info on HIMG hair clinic visit their website: himgeurope.com and phaeyde.com

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