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Located in the beautyful Budapest Castle District Professional Hair Clinic provides high quality hair transplantation. The hair specialists use the the latest FUE2 hair replacement technology. Watch this video below.

Get ready to experience a flawless hair transplant procedure abroad at the Professional Hair Clinic in Budapest! Using the latest FUE2 Safe System method coupled with a unique after treatment programme and a 100% hair guarantee, your hair transplant experience in Hungary will be taken to a whole new level. Located in the picturesque Castle District of Budapest, Professional Hair Clinic has a welcoming and highly skilled staff that will help you through the process of gaining back the natural density and look of your hair.

Hair Transplant Method: FUE2 Safe System

The FUE2 Safe System used at the Professional Hair Clinic is the latest technology in hair transplant, capable of producing excellent permanent results. The procedure involves the harvesting of grafts from the back of the patient’s head, where hair is denser given that it’s more resistant to the DHT hormone responsible for causing male pattern baldness. The grafts so harvested are then transplanted in the same slots that previously contained hair.

This measure will ensure that your newly implanted hair will look as natural as possible. Throughout the hair transplant surgery, a special blade is used for the harvesting and implantation procedure that leaves no marks or scars and cuts down on healing time, leading to a much shorter healing time compared to other hair transplant methods.

Cost of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant consultations are free at this hair transplant clinic. Prices are calculated per graft, and range between €2,5 and €3 per graft. For a precise calculation of the grafts you would need and an exact quote, get in touch with the hair clinic.

Payments can be made with any popular credit card or debit card including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, etc.

After Treatment

The after treatment programmes available at Professional Hair Clinic serve as a means to maintain the vitality of your hair. After-treatment procedures include mesotherapy and ultrasound treatment (has the effect of strengthening and enriching of your hair), scalp cleaning (removing toxic layers from the scalp with the help of a clay-based mask containing 44 minerals, vitamins E and A, and antioxidants), tripolar Rf (stimulates cell regeneration), derma roller with medical serum and LED light therapy (stimulates hair growth by reducing inflammation, strengthening hair, improving macrophage activity and stimulates metabolism), softened laser therapy (stimulates skin cells and increases cell activity), and electroporation (increases cell absorption capacity).


To make you feel more at ease with going through a hair transplant procedure, Professional Hair Clinic offers a lifetime guarantee on your hair restoration procedure, therefore always ensuring best results for their patients. They further guarantee that after surgery, no permanent scars or marks will be left on the donor or recipient site.


Professional Hair Clinic has an experienced team of doctors and hair professionals who use novel technologies and techniques to ensure a pain-free, non-scarring, seamless hair transplant surgery that brings you permanent results. The all-round hair treatment procedure that involves the hair transplant surgery and a unique after-treatment programme, the experienced staff and use of the newest technologies make this Budapest hair clinic a reliable choice if you ever decide to have your hair transplant procedure abroad.

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