Latest cure for baldness

Latest cure for hair loss / baldnessMale baldness has not increased in significantly in the last twenty years, but still an increasing number of men are searching for a way stop hair loss. The reason for it is that we are living in a world that centers on looks and male pattern baldness can be seen as a sign of weakness. If you are not willing shave your head bald then your only choice is to look for the best cure for baldness. There are many different solutions on the market today that range from effective to ineffective and down right dangerous.

Although there are surgical solutions for hair growth, most men prefer an non-invasive solution for that receding hairline. In most cases male pattern hair loss is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is a form of the male sex hormone called testosterone and it is what makes men look like men.

It causes men to grow facial hair and hair on their chest, but too much of can cause hair loss on top of your head. There are many sorts of different medication available that aim to decreases the DHT production, but as with all medication there are side-effects. Those can include loss of body hair, weight gain, male gynecomastia (the growth of breast tissue in men), erectile dysfunction and acne. If you ask men that suffer from erectile dysfunction, they would gladly trade their hair to cure it.

So, is there a natural cure for baldness that does not make you grow a pair of breasts? There are all natural herbal supplements and shampoos for hair loss that try to do the same thing as medication, but unlike their synthetic counterparts they do not cause side-effects.

Herbal solutions at their best can be as effective as medication, but most men do not like the smell of herbal shampoos and conditioners. The herbs used in these hair care products can have a very strong odor and even though manufacturers try to cover it with other aromas it can still be perceived by some people. Try different types of shampoos and see what smells the least, but try not to use the same shampoo all the time.

Use a different shampoo every week so that your follicles do not get used to the same active ingredient. In the long run that can cause them to stop working.

Ayurevedic cure for baldness

Ayurveda is the traditional form of medicine that originates from India. It does not differ significantly from other herbal solutions for baldness, but it includes Indian head massages. Massaging your head increases the blood circulation in the scalp. That helps the active ingredients to find their way in to the follicles and makes them more effective.

You can even massage your head at home, but always use a massage oil and be gentle. Massaging too vigorously can actually rip the hairs out of their follicles and even damage your follicles causing you lose more hair. So be careful. The best time for a massage is in the shower while you are waiting for the conditioner to do it’s work.