Hair prosthesis for women

When we think of Hair Loss, by default we usually picture an older heavyset balding man with glasses. Many times, male pattern baldness is the butt of friendly jokes and ridicule from male peers. All men fear hair loss and it’s a bit of nervous laughter when jokes are made, as all men know that hair loss can strike at any time. For women, it’s a whole other issue, one that can be traumatic and have long-term emotional effects.

Do many women suffer from hair loss?

Yes, they do, and by the time they are 40 years old, 40% of women suffer from visible hair loss. “Visible” is a somewhat ambiguous term and not exactly scientific, so for our purposes we will focus on severe hair loss due to certain health issues which require a hair prosthesis. These health issues complicate many hair loss prevention methods, especially hair transplants, and usually dictate that a Hair Prosthesis is one of the few options available.

Why would a woman get a Hair Prosthesis?

Many women opt for a Hair Prosthesis in cases of medical or psychological conditions such as chemotherapy, alopecia totalis, trichotillomania, and alopecia areata. Each condition requires a different approach which in some cases is not successful and will need alternative solutions. When successful, a Hair Prosthesis can not only solve a temporary issue but improve the long-term well-being of the patient.

Many people still view a hair prosthesis as the 1950’s version of a “rug” or toupee, which was used as props in movies for a bit of bathroom humor and entertainment. Believe me when I tell you that the advancement in hair prosthesis is 21st century technology and can have incredible results.

A Hair Prosthesis is a perfect solution for women who have hair loss due to a medical condition which is permanent or temporary. In many cases a Hair Transplant is not a viable option which in most cases is the best natural looking solution, although a quality prosthesis can provide a healthy and natural look. Because a ‘real hair wig prosthesis’ is not invasive, it can be used for those who are ill and have compromised immune systems. This is usually the case for women undergoing Chemo who need a temporary but natural solution.

Real hair wigs in Budapest, Hungary

How does a Hair Prosthetic for a woman work?

As mentioned above, this hair loss solution involves science, medicine, artistry and may advancements in hair loss. A bespoke solution far beyond wigs and toupees of the past, a hair prosthesis will match perfectly the remaining hair on the head or in the case of total hair loss, mimic the patient’s original hair. This is done by matching hair samples for texture, color and quality, precise measurements of the head and scalp as well as previous hair lines around the head. Nothing is “off the shelf” in creating a hair prosthetic for both men and women, and on average the whole process takes about a month.

The patients medical condition is first evaluated to ensure that they are suitable candidates. Most people are good candidates as their current medical condition makes them unsuitable candidates for a hair transplant.  A number of measurements are taken as well as hair samples for precise matching. The measurements and hair are sent to the studio/factory for evaluation and the creation of the prosthesis. Thousands of hairs which precisely match the patients are then attached to a membrane to complete the prosthesis. The membrane is a highly developed and breathable hypoallergenic material that both resembles the scalp and can permanently hold in place all implanted hair. The patients may shave their head for the prosthesis, although they have the option to leave the remaining hair in place.

Nonsurgical hair replacement for women

Will the Hair Prosthetic look natural?

A full natural head of hair is difficult to duplicate and until there is a drug to regrow your hair, all hair loss solutions will take second place. Fortunately, the advancements in a Hair Transplants and Prosthesis can bring you very close to that natural head of hair. The Prosthesis is amazing in its form and function while filling a vital role in attaining a natural look for specific patients.