Direct flights to Budapest boost Hair Tourism

Direct flights to Budapest to serve hair transplant needsAs Medical Tourism gains in popularity in North America, although very common in Europe, patients are looking for more alternatives to places such as Mexico and South America. As the most expensive countries for surgical procedures, there is tremendous financial benefit to look elsewhere for surgical procedures not covered by health insurance.

Most of these procedures are elective, thereby shifting the cost directly to the patient’s pocket. For specific procedure such as hair transplants, patients from Canada or the US can save up to 75% if they decide to travel overseas for these procedures.

What are my options for flying to Hungary?

Flying can sometimes be a major hassle, especially around the Holidays. What always makes air travel worse is when you need to make one or more stops to get to your destination. All major cities in Europe have direct flights to North America as well as other major destinations throughout the world. Budapest has unfortunately been left out in the cold concerning direct flights, save for Toronto to Budapest via low-cost carrier Air Canada Rouge, but will make its come back in May of 2018.

Flights to Budapest from Toronto, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia

Flights to Budapest from Toronto, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia to get cheap hair transplantsBeginning in May of 2018, 3 North American cities will be providing direct services to Budapest, Hungary. The Polish national carrier LOT will provide direct flights from New York (JFK) 4x per week and Chicago (ORD) 2x per week to Budapest on LOT’s new Boeing 787-8. Also in May of 2018 American Airlines will have a direct flight from Philadelphia (PHL) to Budapest.

Malev, Hungary’s former national carrier, previously provided direct flights, but since its collapse there have been no other direct flights to the U.S. Low-cost airlines Wizz Air as well as Ryanair have been providing direct flights from Budapest to various European cities. Other International carriers provide routes to Doha, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Minsk, Moscow, Beijing and Algiers. But for those coming to Budapest from North America, there was always the burden of transiting through another European city including London which can add to the cost, hassle and potential of delays and lost luggage.

How do the prices compare with the U.S. and other countries?

Hungarian Hair Transplant cost comparison

Country Price per graft  Cost of 2000 grafts **
U.S. $8.00-$12.00 $16,000
Australia $7.50-$13.50 $15,000
UK. $3.50-$7.50 $7,000
Thailand $2.50-$6.00 $5,000
Malaysia $2.50-$6.00 $5,000
Mexico $2.25-$5.50 $4,500
Poland $2.00-$6.00 $4,000
Hungary $1.50-$5.20 $3,600
India $1.50-$5.00 $3,000
Turkey $1.50-$5.00 $3,000

** All country prices are based on the U.S. Dollar. Total amounts include 2,000 grafts multiplied by the minimum cost per graft. The total price ($3,600) for Budapest includes accommodations and transfers but not airfare.

What are the advantages of travelling to Hungary?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hungary, let me give you a brief refresher course from your childhood geography classes. As a Central European country which is part of the EU (European Union) and NATO, Hungary boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe as well as a highly respected medical community. With one of the top medical schools in the Continent, Hungary attracts some of the top students in the world. As part of the EU, Hungary is regulated by the same laws and requirements as countries such as France, Germany and the UK.

Those from the U.S. and Canada are familiar with Bosley, Hairclub, The LA Hair Clinic and Hasson & Wong Hair Transplant Clinic, which are all respected business. Unfortunately, many of these are just that, “businesses”, and have become expensive and detached production lines of patients. Hungary has become the most popular Medical Tourism destination for a reason, and that is because of its inexpensive, highly advanced and personal service. As one of the only cities with the recent FUE Safe System methods, Budapest has set the bar for the others, including those in the States and Canada.

With the advent of the Internet the process to a full head of hair is simple and hassle free. All consultations, reviews and plans can be done prior to your arrival in Budapest making this a one-time trip. The post-op care is essential and if its followed, your transplant will be guaranteed by the clinic.

Cost of hair transplant 2018 (USD) – Hair Clinic in Budapest, Hungary

 PACKAGES Implanted hairs Free nights apartment Price of the package 5% cash discount
Package 1000 1000 2 $1450 $1377
Package 2000 2000 2 $2040 $1940 
Package 3000 3000 2 $2915 $2770
Package 4000 4000 2 $3795 $3605
Package 5000 5000 3 $4380 $4160
Package 6000 6000 3 $4965 $4715

The savings you will receive in Hungary is significant compared to all Western countries. The total cost of the transplant and the quality of the procedure is paramount in obtaining that natural head of hair. Fly to Hungary direct and experience what many others before you have experienced. Contact us today to begin your journey to a full head of hair and a trip to one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

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