Hair Transplant Hungary Videos

Hungary for hair transplant? Not a bad idea! Patients looking for cheap hair loss surgery will definitely find their choice in Budapest, Hungary. Let it be a new hairline design or balding patches on your head top Hungarian Hair Clinics will offer the best quality hair implant service in Europe for half the price you would get it elsewhere.

Hungary is traditionally associated with dental tourism on its merit as the capital of dental holidays in Europe and it took hair travels over from the troubled Turkey which suffers from political instability and does not always meet EU standards and it is not a member yet of the European Union.

Budapest stands out from other medical tourism destinations in the region – lower rates, higher standard of quality and historical experience to treat the flood of medical patients properly. The country has earned its name as a top medical holiday hot spot for UK, Irish, French, German, Italian or Spanish patients. So if you live near Dublin, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh or some other locations you may find a free consultation option in your area and it’s a smart move before you decide!

Pros and Cons of Hungarian Hair Clinics


  • easy of access by low budget airlines
  • hair treatment may take 1-2 days only
  • surgeons use the latest FUE2 SAFESystem method
  • lower cost and favourable prices than back home (save 50% if not more)
  • politically stable, EU member country
  • Budapest is a popular tourist destination
  • hotel, transfers and personal assistance is part of the packages
  • consultation can be made online (pictures can be sent via mail)
  • no need for a second visit (after treatment options are well organised)
  • you can ask for a long weekend hair loss surgery session(to reduce time off work)


  • patients need to travel 2-3 hours (you may travel this much to a regional centre)
  • foreign environemnt (clinics offer guidance and personal assitance)
  • safeguard and liability (as a member state Hungary follows EU regulations, hair clinics offer warranty)

Introductory videos of hair clinics

We have collected some of the best hair transplant videos so that you can evaluate current hair treatment options abroad. We have ranked videos based on their quality regarding information they provide, and proper introduction of the clinic and services they offer. We let you decide which hair transplant clinic you choose to get more infromation about. Feel free to ask if you need any further information.