Trivellini Mamba Device

If you haven’t been to a hospital lately or undergone any medical procedure, then chances are that you oblivious to the advances in technology and techniques. Even going to the dentist after a decade or so, you would be amazed at the advances in technology and the efficient and painless use of medical devices. Whether in dentistry, plastic surgery, general surgery, etc., the advances have provided more ways of providing specialty procedures which could not have been done even a few decades ago.

What is the Trivellini Device and how is it used in the FUE Procedure?

Trivellini Mamba hair transplant deviceAn FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant is the latest and most advanced technology used for men with male pattern baldness. It used to be that a sharp scalpel was the best instrument in the doctor’s bag for any type of surgery, but we have come along way since that instrument, which in many cases is still in use.

Surgery is no longer a slice and dice procedure and has progressed into a highly specialized skill and focus. Although a general surgeon can accomplish many tasks, it takes a more skilled doctor to perform specific tasks. For these demands, medical equipment has progressed to the point of specialized tools for specialized situations.

The Trivellini Surgical Punch is one of the devices that makes the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure so successful. As a matter of fact, this surgical punch is the leading device in the field of FUE surgery and has given patients a more natural head of hair.

One of the benefits of the device are that two surgeons or technicians can perform the surgery at the same time. This is due to the dual hand devices that allow a multi-tasking of sorts on the patient. The device can also oscillate, vibrate and rotate at the same time, or at once, to ensure the graft is removed in the most efficient manner.

Another benefit of the device is the ability of the surgeon to perform the FUE on longer hair. Most devices can only be used on a shaved head or very short hair. Some patients do not want to shave their heads and would rather not “advertise” that they just underwent a transplant. With the Trivellini Device, the patient can undergo the surgery with only minimal signs that they just had a hair transplant.

“I have started performing long hair FUE recently after I learned from Dr. Roberto Trivellini when I was at his clinic. Now we can offer our patients a new technique we did not have before. The ability to extract and implant hair follicular units without the need to shave the patient’s hair.”

Does the Trivellini Mamba Device improve the Surgeons technique?

Any tool or device from the ancient hammer to the Trivellini Punch is only as good as those who wield the instrument. If you are very good hair transplant surgeon, then the Trivellini device will not necessarily make you a great surgeon but will offer an opportunity to provide a better outcome for the patient. Many surgeons and technicians believe that these devices will afford them a shortcut to being good at their craft, but no device can substitute for experience and knowledge.

Those who use the Trivellini Surgical Punch love the device. Here are a few testimonials on what the device has to offer.

“Trivellini System has completely changed my FUE hair transplant practice. Back when we didn’t have Trivellini System for FUE procedures, the graft qualities were good, but the entire procedure was more labor intensive. We had to spend more time in the surgery room and the patient was getting tired as we could not harvest as many grafts in one session.”

“My procedure time is now reduced by half. BY HALF! Since I started using Trivellini System, my extraction time is reduced by half and I get beautiful grafts every time. I know that I can probably harvest good grafts with other systems, but some cases are really challenging. It is more consistent with Trivellini and it is almost certain that you can harvest healthy grafts every time.”

Where can I get an FUE Hair Transplant?

For those in the UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland and other European countries, the best option for a quality and affordable FUE Hair Transplant is Hungary. Affordable flights combined with a quality transplant at only a fraction of the cost of the above-mentioned countries, makes Hungary your best option. The clinic even covers the cost of the first-class accommodations to make your experience more affordable.

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