Rigenera Activa – Stimulate hair growth

The search for Male Pattern Baldness cures never sleeps! It could be said that if finding a cure for Cancer is at the top of the list, then finding a cure for MPB is a strong second. I personally would rather find a cure for Cancer, although it really isn’t up to me. Up until 2023 there is no “cure” for Hair Loss but there are drugs (Finasteride, Minoxidil) to slow or stop the growth and in some cases regrow (PRP) some hair. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplants are the best way surgically to regrow hair, but this is certainly not the panacea that all balding men are searching for.

What is New in the Hair Growth Industry?

Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Research companies are constantly trrying to find cures and remedies for hair growth. Unless there is some secret work being done, there hasn’t been much news on finding a cure for this ailment. But recently there is some hope and progress which has come from the Rigenera Activa® technology.

This is Stem Cell therapy that is a regenerative way of using the existing follicles in the telogen to recycle hair growth. Although skin grafts are extracted from the scalp, this is not a hair implant procedure and is only performed by qualified clinics using a specifically approved large medical device.

What is the Procedure for Rigenera Activa®?

Rigenere Activa - Regenere Activa - Hair re-growth procedureAs with all Hair Loss treatments, this procedure is performed in an out-patient clinic and can be completed usually in less than 1 hour. It is a Stem Cell based procedure which although successful in some cases, still is in its infancy compared to other Hair Loss treatments such as the FUE transplant. But let’s delve a bit into how this procedure is done.

The first step is the removal of 3 skin samples that are taken from the base of the neck/hairline. This is done with an instrument similar to a “punch”. The sample tissue is then filtered to separate the stem cells from other types of tissue and included in a mixture. After this is completed, the tissue substance is then injected in the area of the scalp where the skin is thinning.

This medical procedure and others like it are under the category of Regenerative Medicine and is being used for all types of conditions. It is a growing industry, although one that still has hurdles to overcome, some of which are concerned with the safety and viability of the procedures.

Does Rigenera Activa® works as a Hair Loss Treatment?

The results for this type of treatment have been mixed, and with this type of procedure being somewhat new, there really isn’t enough empirical evidence to support the results for better or worse. Although the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), CE (Europe), HSA (Singapore) has approved Rigenera Activa® for hair loss treatment, it is not mainstream.

The best way to summarize the treatment and results is to say that Rigenera Activa is a compromise between drug treatments such as Finasteride and Minoxidil and an FUE Transplant by a qualified transplant surgeon.

If you are looking to undergo the Rigenera Activa® treatment, I would suggest that you do your research on all the hair loss treatments as well as to speak with your doctor. Much of the success of any surgery, treatment, and/or procedure depends greatly on the skill of the doctor as well as the post-op care.

Which is more successful, an FUE Hair Transplant or a Regenera Activa Procedure?

If you are not bothered or do not have issues with the surgical aspect of a Hair Transplant, then I would say the that an FUE Hair Transplant provides better results. This method, in some iteration, has been around for well over 50 years. The improvements have increased considerably in the last few decades with the introduction of Micro-Surgery and the help of Robotics.

Stem Cell Therapy is still in its infancy and does not have the track record of the FUE Transplants. Your options for where to have this procedure are still very limited as are the patient reviews and feedback. With Hair Transplants you have an enormous amount of options throughout the world as well as competitive pricing.

Where to get Rigenera Activa hair loss treatment?

If you are living in the European Region or on the periphery, Hungary has become the number one destination for the FUE Transplant. Because of the very competitive prices and highly skilled and experience surgeons, Hungary has become the Medical Tourism capital of Europe and beyond.

Whatever solution you decide to pursue, it is essential that you do your research and respect the seriousness of any procedure. Your decision will have long-term effects on your health and well-being which can result in serious consequences. Best of luck on whatever you pursue and never make a decision on your hair loss treatment in haste.